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Taken (06/21/2013)

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What do you do when you're not motivated?

I usually shower. And I take like 15 minutes instead of my usual 10. I get do it to calm my nerves and relax and allow myself to calm down.

Usually when I am calm and clean, I feel rejuvinated and ready to work and get some motivation. Then I start on something that I may enjoy so that the first thing I do helps me get more motivated. 

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  • Depression:

    Don't tell me you understand because you get sad sometimes.

  • Insomnia:

    Don't tell me you have insomnia because you missed a few nights of sleep.

  • Eating disorder:

    Don't tell me you have an eating disorder because you missed a meal.

  • Bipolar:

    Don't tell me you have bipolar because you get mood swings on your period.

  • Anxiety:

    Don't tell me you have anxiety because you got nervous before an exam.

  • ADHD:

    Don't tell me you have ADHD because you're hyper sometimes.

  • Schizophrenia:

    Don't tell me you have schizophrenia because you sometimes see shadows and hear sounds at night.

  • OCD:

    Don't tell me you to have OCD because you like to wash your hands after you eat.

  • Self injury:

    Don't tell me you understand because you once skinned your knee to get out of sport.

  • Suicidal:

    Don't tell me you too are suicidal because you would rather die than miss a concert.

  • Just don't.

Do you ever miss anyone you didn't actually get to meet?

Yes. I have the tendency to get too attached too quickly to people. I fall quick and it sucks but whatever. If a person messages me on here, since i get so little, I immediately get super DUPER excited and then talk to them for as long as I can. I’m usually the one who sends the “are you there?” “hello” messages, usually to no reply until it finally sinks in.